Would you join me on an out of town get away?

I would love to! I am available for domestic and international travel. Travel expenses are not included and they must be covered by you. A deposit is required. I will make my own travel arrangements once I have received your deposit.

Do you offer monthly arrangements?

Tell me your ideal situation. We can make our own rules…

Do you see women and couples?

I love seeing both couples and women! I very much enjoy another beautiful women’s company. For couples, there is an additional fee of $100/hr up to $300. It is important to me that both people want to see me equally as much, therefore I love hearing from both people during our initial conversation.

What are your favorite drinks & meals to share?

I love to share a delicious bottle of white wine or champagne. My favorite meals to indulge in are sushi or a delicious top local choice!

Do you accept gifts?

I love gifts especially when I can tell a lot of thought is put into them! I really love sweet treats, like chocolate and desserts! If you are buying clothes for me I am generally a small or size 2. My bra is a size 34C and I wear a size 6 shoe. Delivery Code Wishlist

What is proper etiquette when seeing you?

To make me happiest please use my appointment request form when contacting me for the first time. Clear communication allows us to quickly move past all the formalities! I take great care in my hygiene and appearance; I expect the same in return. This includes taking a shower, brushing your teeth, and shaving before we meet. If this is not possible, I ask that you take the time to shower and freshen up at the beginning of our private time together.

Are you open to exploring fantasies?

Of course! If you’d like me to prepare please send me a note ahead of time of your ideas while refraining from any explicit actions. Or you can surprise me with your idea when we meet!

Are you kinky?

My relationships tend to not be outrageously kinky, although I am open minded and naturally submissive. I have been pondering more on adventuring into character role play, and more submissive play lately. I would love to explore!


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